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*Extended Cut* Jattas 1st Hunt: Rabbit – 2019

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There are some things people will always remember, one such occurrence is your 1st time hunting and taking game. Or even as a father, the 1st time your child is successful on a hunt. I’m incredibly fortunate to have caught some of the experience on video.

My oldest son Jatta, recently wanted to go hunting with his Savage Rascal .22 Rifle. He had demonstrated his ability with it to where I felt it was ethical for him to hunt, i.e. his ability to place shots where he was intending so that he wouldn’t wound an animal. And sure enough, here we are, with rabbit for dinner. I couldn’t be prouder of him.

This is the Extended Cut. I captured the skinning and gutting process on film. More importantly though, it captured the conversation with my children and I about ethics and hunting. Kids are capable of far more depth and understanding than they are often given credit for…


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