Reiner and Kairo Summer Break in INDONESIA
Feeding rabbit at rabbit house ( Omah Kelinci )

Indeed Karanganyar ( Indonesia ) is a small city that is currently full of tourist destinations that are no less interesting than other tours. Currently the Karanganyar government itself continues to push up and build tourism objects with the aim of attracting many tourists.

There are many tourist attractions in Karanganyar ranging from natural tourism, modern tourism and much more. Not only that, the number of snacks and other delicious culinary restaurants are also available in Karanganyar district, including outbound. Yes one of them is Omah Kelinci, a restaurant and an outbound place that is suitable for you to visit with your baby and family.

Omah Rabbit Restaurant & Farm is a place that carries the concept of Resto and Playground located in Karangpandan, Karanganyar.
( Indonesia ) .This place is perfect for you to visit between holidays with your baby or family. The atmosphere of a beautiful environment and the cool air typical of the mountains, yes because the place is still at the foot of Mount Lawu.

As the name suggests, Omah Rabbit is unique with cute, cute rabbits and more dominant dishes of rabbit meat. Those who bring children will surely be very happy when playing with rabbits.

In addition to playing you also get insights or education about many things about this rabbit you know. The concept of this Omah Rabbit Resto education is highly recommended for early childhood activities, because it can increase knowledge.

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