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A DISABLED rabbit who is unable to use its legs gets around in a mini wheelchair. Charles the American Sable rabbit was found trapped in a garden hose under a bush in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California by Elise Oliphant and her fiancé, three years ago. With her big brown eyes and beautiful colouring, the couple melted at the sight of her, but quickly realised there was something wrong. Determined to get Charles mobile again, Elise ordered the bunny a special rabbit wheelchair from US based company Dogs To Go – who specialise in carts for disabled animals of all kinds. Nicknamed ChiChi – the couple named her Charles as they originally thought she was male – Charles now has a lop-eared rabbit boyfriend called Mr. Magoo, who is partially blind. To follow Charles’ daily shenanigans on Instagram visit @agirlnamedcharles. If you’d like to help out other disabled rabbits, visit

Videographer / director: Elise Oliphant
Producer: Shannon Lane, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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