Deleted Scenes from “Kiss of the Rabbit God” featuring Tu’Er Shen 兔兒神 telling the story of “Cut Sleeve” one of the earliest and most famous Chinese legends about gay love. Starring Teddy Lee as “Matt” and Jeff Chen as Tu’Er Shen

Writer/Director: Andrew Thomas Huang

Producer: Sara Nassim


Teddy Lee (as “Matt”)
Jeff Chen (as “Tu’er Shen” aka The Rabbit God)

Cinematographer: Rina Yang
Production Designer: Stella Deng
Hair Makeup & Adornments: Tanya Melendez
Costume Designer: Stephanie Strate
Sound Designer: Nathan Ruyle
Editor & Original Music Composer: Andrew Thomas Huang
Colorist: Gregory Reese at The Mill
Executive Producers: Sara Greco & Natalie Difford

Production Company: Collider
Made with support from Cinereach & Nowness