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Cute Baby Rabbits Playing,Feeding Activities | Bunny Rabbit(Baby Rabbits)#RunnyRabbits #Babyrabbits

Rabbits are cute and furry little animals that all kids love and are common as pets in houses and farms. Fairly tales and moral stories also frequently feature rabbits as significant characters as everyone loves them. Children are thus familiar with these adorable animals and will have several ideas and thoughts to express. When teachers assign them an essay writing topic on rabbits, they may need a little help as this essay will require a few facts apart from their personal views. Let us help your child write an essay for classes 1, 2 and 3 on these little furry animals.

Rabbits are tiny and furry animals popularly known as bunnies.

Rabbits belong to the Lagomorpha order.

Rabbits can move their eyes 360 degrees.

Rabbits have sharp front teeth to cut thick vegetables and leaves.

Their body is covered in thick and soft fur, making them look adorable.

Rabbits often hop when they move from place to place.

Rabbits can also run fast and jump very high when chased by predators.

Rabbits are kept as pets by many people.

Male rabbits are known as bucks, the female is called a doe, and the babies are called kits.

Rabbits live in colonies called a warren.


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