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Rabbits and Dogs: Which is better?

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✰ Disclaimer ✰
I am not vet. Please contact a rabbit-savvy vet for any medical emergencies.
Always monitor your rabbits around new products or environmental changes.

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  1. I had a siberian husky named havoc, he didn't care for the bunnies at all, he would lay and walk by them he wouldn't do anything, he was so good with them, I Prefer rabbits better but I like dogs too

  2. My bunny used to get along with my dogs, but he had to move into my room exclusively so the bunny gets scared of him, my dogs would never hurt him as he is the size of a small dog and they never chase after squirrels or anything. I’m worried about my bunny hurting the dogs, the last time they interacted my rabbit tried to scratch and hit the dogs, not to mention he is a Flemish giant so he could genuinely hurt the dogs, along with being territorial bc that used to be his area. Unfortunately I don’t think they could easily live in the same area anymore, but we plan on getting my bunny a bunny friend in may (because there will be more buns at the rescue) and we just hope my bun will open up to them. If he doesn’t get along with any rabbits at the rescue he would probably be happy as a single bunny bc he has been single most of his life and I’m great company

  3. I have both! I have 2 dogs that are owned by 2 family members. I have 3 rabbits. I have always loved rabbits. But I prefer both.

  4. Rabbits are so much better if you like to have a calm/quiet house with less action. They are quite similar though.

  5. This tile reminds me of the time my dog Willow, who was super friendly until recently, pushed our rabbit Merry around, and Merry turned around and scratched Willow a bit, other than that the interactions that they had were fine.

  6. For me its bunnies they dont make loud noise, They are friendly, Fluffy , cute and they are easy to train im not judging though i think they are both amazing

  7. Both pets are amazing. I have them both. All living together on free roam with interesting dynamics 🙂

  8. Sorry! I don't agree with what you said about dogs and bunnies. I have a Boston/Jack Russel Terrier and a Cashmere Lop and they get along really good. My dog is 7 years old and I got the bunny in December 2021 as a baby. They get along really good. The bunny is not spade and I don't want her to be as she is a house bunny. The little dog if a Certified Therapy Dog and goes to work. When we get home from work the bunny misses him and will play with him. Running and chasing each other. I think that it depends on the breeds of the dog and bunny. G. Timm

  9. I love both bunnies and dogs ❣️
    I have a collie dog who grew up with a bunny and later adopted a Terrier mix .
    She was trained by the collie to respect the bunny and they are all friends now.
    The terrier and the bunny both sleep in my bed 💖

  10. I have both a rabbit and dogs, and they are separate at all times, my bunny lives in my room while my dogs are outside, to prevent any accidents as one of my dogs is a very active hunter, constantly looking for little iguanas on my backyard. I definitely love both species ❤

  11. I've always said to everyone
    That's BUNNY are a mixture of CAT and DOG
    If you mix the behaviour of a dog and a cat, the behaviour that you will get is a bunny

    Cat: ego, lazy, ignoring, smart, talented, knowing how to manipulate, fragile, fast, cute etc

    Dog: smart, cute, talented, fast, energetic, smart hearing, learn tricks, addictive etc.

    Do you agree🤗✨

  12. I had a rabbit living with the dog. I could not call them friends but they weren't afraid of the other. The dog herded the bunny a little bit but no bites just pushing with the nose. This very dog killed all the squirells he could. A well trianed dog can live with any other animal.

  13. I have two dogs, cat and bunny. I did not plan to free roam them together but it kinda just happened so I manage them has well as I can. The cat mostly ignores the bunny but dogs of course want to play with him… And my dogs are crazy, they do catch mice and rats… but then… my bunny is pretty crazy too and sometimes dogs are afraid of him, even though he is smaller then them 😂. Of course, if things get too much for me, I do separate them , just to be sure everybody is safe

  14. We have a dog who is kept on a leash, we have cats and we had a rabbit, the dog is small but we never let the dog near the rabbit (for obvious reasons) but the cats don't care and go around the dog just fine.
    My favorite pet is rabbit of course, I don't like the smell of dogs, I also don't like loud noises, rabbits are just perfect.

  15. I've only had a bunny for 3 years and then introduced him to my partner's dog and they got along so well after a week or two! We teached the dog to be gentle with the rabbit and now they are inseparable 🥰

  16. I have two dogs, a cat and a rabbit who lives in freedom in my apartment and they all get along very well.

  17. Enjoy both!!! I really liked this video….very interesting!!! Thanks soooo much. Your content is well presented and researched…job well done!!!👏👌🫶

  18. The most important differences between Dogs and rabbits:

    Petting a Dog's head if they don't know you is a huge no no. Even familiar Dogs prefer chest rubs and butt scratches over being pet on the head.
    Dogs value praise, approval, and affection far more than treats whilst rabbits ONLY respond to food rewards.
    Dogs run to their human when frightened while rabbits – as well as most other animals – run away from you.
    Dogs view you as, essentially, a parent (this is because their social structure is very similar to that of humans) and trust you to protect them, whereas rabbits see you strictly as a food source and do not bond with humans beyond wanting their next meal.

    Your Dog's home is by your side. They don't care where you and them are; As long as they're with you, they're happy.
    Rabbits want somewhere dark and quiet where they won't be bothered. They're happiest and most at home in a secure coop away from loud noises, commotion, and other animals.

    Dogs need huge amounts of exercise and enrichment. They need to RUN.
    Intelligence wise, they're on the same level as lesser primates so their interactive toys must be rotated and their exercise routes must vary. Dogs can literally go insane from boredom and frustration and believe me, they get bored VERY easily.
    Rabbits are happy with a piece of hardwood to gnaw on and a salt lick to satisfy their desire for salt (which is why they sometimes lick skin).

    Dogs have been fully domesticated for at least 20,000 years (although positive interactions with their ancestors likely started 100,000-150,000 years ago). We quite literally coevolved and even children and humans who don't LIKE Dogs can easily understand their language.
    Rabbits have been kept for meat and fur for a few hundred years and are only partially domesticated. It was only recently that some began being kept as eccentric pets, much like tarantulas and Madagascar hissing cockroaches.

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