Lennon is a free-roam/no cage, havana mix bunny! (2 yrs old!)

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PLEASE NOTE: I do read and moderate all the comments, and I WILL unfortunately have to remove comments that are inappropriate or abusive. I’m going to address some issues brought up:

1) Disclaimer to new bunny parents: Just because Lennon wears a harness does not mean your rabbit should. I made an informational video on the risks involved with harnesses. I believe in personal responsibility and hope you use your best judgement. I’ve stated this before: rabbits are fragile creatures and every bunny has been raised in a different environment, therefore are used to different things.

2) Lennon is a lone rabbit because she is an emotional support animal, and by law in California you cannot have more than one emotional support animal. Lots more details involved but that is all I can legally talk about right now. This does not mean I will not get her a partner in the future — I will when I am able to do so. Lennon lives a very happy, healthy, hazard-free life. That’s all I will say about this matter.

3) Thank you for your understanding and support of our channel! Our goal is to simply spread the message that rabbits are smart, affectionate and do not belong in cages 🙂