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A Hen Raises Baby Bunnies, Thinking That She Bore Them l Kritter Klub

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Adorable 2 weeks old baby bunnies! And the one that’s taking care of them is… a chicken? The mother bunny ran away as soon as she bore the kittens and wouldn’t breastfeed them. But don’t worry! Nanny hen is on the rescue!


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  1. The mama bunny has to work, luckily for her, there is a strange but kind neighbor chicken who looks after her children.

  2. It's normal for bunnies to leave their kits alone for long periods; they do the same in the wild, because they're prey animals and they don't want to attract any predators to their nest.

    Coincidentally this bunny's nest happens to be a chicken nest too and coincidentally the hen was broody and decided to adopt the kits. Lucky for the kits, who now have a second mom.

  3. Доброго времени суток всем! Нас сама природа учит: мир прекрасен, каждая жизнь— ценна. Взаимопомощь – спасение жизни . Нам, людям, есть чему поучиться.
    Желаю всем нам мира, добра, взаимопонимания, терпения! Мы все люди одной планеты!🤝🤗🌺

  4. Мать – не та что родила, а та что вырастила.

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  6. So sweet! I thought it was great that they explained both animals behavior and didn't make one out to be "bad"

  7. I wonder how the hen will react to the kits when they get bigger

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