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It's UNBELIEVABLE how this mom kept her babies alive!!! We would LOVE your comments #HopeForPawssum

It’s a very tough world out there for WILD ANIMALS, and if you would like to see more of these rescues, please support us with a $5 donation here:

This video will take you on an emotional roller coaster… it’s a very special video to me and I really hope you will help us raise awareness by sharing it so we can help teach more people about these amazing animals.

Thank you Pal Rescue for assisting us right away with keeping the babies alive: – they have many cute dogs for adoption, so please check them out.

And of course special thank to Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center for doing such an incredible job with this family, for letting us visit as the babies grew and for letting us join the last step where they got to go back home… out in the wild:

Loreta Frankonyte joined me on this rescue and I have seen her shed so many tears as this process was happening. She just posted a blog about it here:

Please, please, please share this special rescue story.



#HopeForPaws #Possum #Wildlife