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—-Bini’s amazing tricks! (Click the links to watch) :

**When your bunny is addicted to arcade games
**Rabbit gives guy a makeover(amazing)
**Rabbit picasso (Yes,Bini can paint)
***Bini plays basketball(for real!):
**This rabbit won’t sleep without a game:
**Bunny that wants to be on Space Jam:
**The smartest bunny in the world:

–The adventures of Bini and Shai as roommates :

**My roommate is a bunny rabbit, HELP me!
**This rabbit watched way too much TV
**Rabbit saves the day
**Bunny against smoking
**Crazy bunny wants sushi
**Rabbit workout trainer- kisses with each crunch

–Adorable videos (Cick the links to watch) :

**Funny bunny CRAZY about WATERMELON
**Surprise party for a rabbit (5th birthday)
**Ordinary Rabbit? Think again 🙂
**Bunny on an airplane!! First class rabbit.

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