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Bunny Rabbit

A Cute Bunny Trio Relaxing Before Bedtime

These sweet rescued bunnies were relaxing in the pigeon room, before going to bed.

The adopted rabbits were cuddling and kissing at first, it was very cute. But suddenly fluffy rabbit boy Leonoor got up and decided to jump over his albino bunny girlfriends. One of them was kicked by one of his hind legs, but she didn’t seem to care 😅 Funny cuties..

After some cuddles, kisses, stretches and a bit of washing and eating it was time to go to bed.
They went to their hay bed, snuggled up together and fell asleep. It was lovely to watch them dream, yawn, sleep and relax together. They were so in love!

Watching memories of them I captured on camera always puts a smile on my face. They were so adorable and sometimes silly together!!

Hopefully this memory made you smile as well.

Thanks for watching! Wishing you a beautiful new week 😘

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