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Baby rabbit nutrition is very sensitive and important. It is very important to be fed with breast milk after 30 and 45 days of birth. If the rabbit’s mother is not present, it can be fed by giving rabbit food. There are special feeds for baby rabbit feeding. Alfalfa and dry hay can be given to the baby rabbit.

You must provide a shelter for the rabbit. It is best to get a rabbit cage of adequate size. The concept of “feeding in cartons” is not only appropriate and would be an extremely wrong choice in terms of the animal’s physical and mental health. Keeping rabbits in the box will cause the rabbits’ feet to be constantly wet and cause various undesirable problems such as lice. Even if the feet of the rabbits fed in the box are washed, that smell does not come out and the smell of urine envelops your whole house. If the rabbit continues to be fed in the box, it will attract pests to your house along with that wetness. When this is the case, the rabbit will not want to come to your lap and will look for a place to escape. When you get a rabbit cage, the rabbit’s behavior will change and it will feel like it belongs to that environment and will adapt in a short time. Allow your rabbit to escape to its nest when appropriate, and never try to force it out with your hand. This will cause him to be afraid and have difficulty getting used to his home. Sometimes you should also allow the rabbit to be alone in its nest.

Rabbits who have just come home want to know where they will live. Even if they behave very inactive and cowardly during the getting used to you, they will not stand still after they get used to you. When rabbits start to feed, especially baby rabbits will jump from room to room and you will have to chase them when necessary. You will be amazed at this energy in rabbits, and you will be amazed at where they get this energy.

Do not put the rabbit in the cage by limiting its curiosity and mobility due to the fact that it is a puppy. Of course, you can use this method when necessary, but keeping the rabbit in the cage all the time will also cause you to feel cold.

Baby rabbit care brings along the most enjoyable moments among pets. Baby rabbits are very curious to learn. They tend to lick and touch everything they see. Whatever they see, they will definitely go to them, smell or lick them. Therefore, those who keep rabbits at home should not leave electrical cables lying around. Because the baby rabbit can bite it to recognize the cable. This dreadful situation can cause electric shock and death to your rabbit. Likewise, be careful with paints, sprays or cleaning materials lying around. Your pet should be prevented from reaching such products. The easiest solution to fix this problem is to tape the cables or put them in the closet if not in use.

It is quite normal to want to feed a baby rabbit by hand, but rabbits are creatures that feed little and constantly by nature. This means that as soon as they eat a few bites of greens, they are full and keep running. At this rate, giving food to your rabbit constantly, forcing him can turn into a grind.

Baby rabbits should be fed with breast milk for the first 15 days. From the 15th day, they can start to eat soft foods. When they are 3 weeks old, they can start eating dry nutritious food. If you wish, you can switch to dry food later, after the 4th week.