cute rabbit bunny rabbit has his play day with all the new things around he is loving all the new smells. Binky loves to play out. He is a bunny that is full of fun. Binky is a Netherland Lionhead Dwarf bunny he is three years old. I have had him since he was just six weeks and five days. he is not caged and he sleeps in my bed. He has epilepsy but is on his siezure free journey loving life after I introduced Seizure Pet from Homeoanimal combined with CBD also his herb feeding entirely other than his pellets. Herbs he has are things like Lemon balm, Confery and the more unusual herbs along with the usual ones. He also likes his fruit leaves and his fave regular fruit is the superfruit Blueberry. He is a very happy bunny loving his life. I like how he steals plants in the garden then looks at me like yes what? lol
rabbit bunny house rabbit netherland bunny lionhead rabbit