have you ever seen a bunny dreaming?

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♂️ Clyde – 6, netherlanddwarf
♀️ Melbourne – 1, netherlanddwarf

♀️ Fanny – 4, german lop / dwarf mix
♂️ Lenny – 3, lionhead mix

♂️ Benny – 4, netherlanddwarf mix


➤ Adopt don’t shop.
Unfortunately Bunnies are the 3rd most abandoned pet in the US, and the number 1
abandoned pet in the UK, according to the RSCPA. Please consider adopting from a local shelter or a rescue organization. Bunnies are a 10+ year commitment, they need constant care – more than a cat.

➤ Bunnies don’t belong into cages / hutches.
Dog pens, set-ups and enclosures are good options, if free roaming is not an option.

➤ Every bunny needs some-bunny.
Bunnies are very social animals, in nature they live in groups up to 30 but never alone. In some countries it’s even illegal to keep solitary bunnies. Best is to keep a neutered couple. Lonely bunnies are prone to develop anger issues, destructive behavior, sadness, obesity, digestive issues due to immobility and general apathy.

➤ Neutering/Spaying is vital.
Only a neutered bunny can live with others and thrive. As prey animals they need to constantly reproduce, which is very stressful. Neutering/Spaying improves their quality of life a lot – they will be calmer and easier to tame.

➤ Bunnies need a proper diet.
Aside from 24/7 unlimited hay, they also need fresh leafy greens on a daily basis.
Grain based food mixes, pellets and store bought treats are unhealthy.
Their digestive system is very complex and these items can cause GI Stasis and other potentially deadly issues. The most natural diet consist of hay, fresh leafy greens, some veggies and fruit as an occasional treat. Forage is also a good option to feed during winter, while you can opt for fresh field grass, herbs and flowers in summer.

➤ Don’t trust the pet store
Unfortunately most of the items sold are unsafe for bunnies. Leashes, cages, grain based foods and colorful treats are harmful and should never be bought. Instead, research proper and natural bunny care to learn what you can buy your bunny on the next trip to the store.

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