So since nobody ever talks about the struggles and perks of having cute chubby cheeks, I decided to take matters into my own hands. If you have ever been fat shamed for having chubby cheeks, or treated as being too young due to having a baby face, you will totally find something in this video you can relate to. There are tips about how to put on makeup for chubby cheeks, how to take advantage of having them, and even tone and lift your cheeks with face yoga!!

Ever since debating having the idea of starting a YouTube #animatedstorytime channel, I knew this topic was going to be made into a video. So if you found this animation funny or think someone you know will enjoy it, please share this video. Let us know about your chubby cheek stories! We wanna know if you can relate to being a chubby bunny/hamster/chipmunk/squirrel/pufferfish.

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Have fun guys! Remember to breathe while you laugh.

Bunnimation is now finally on social media @Bunnimates! Don’t expect much, I don’t know what to post yet LOL.

Bunnimation was taken, but Bunnimates is better anyway.