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Bunny Rabbit

Bunny Paints to express his Moods – must watch til the end

This Bunny has a mind of his own, and to make it even better, his owner, Shai discovers that his rabbit can actually express himself and communicate through his art! Watch as Bini the Bunny paints on canvas and creates paintings that Shai uses to interpret his moods based on the colors Bini chooses.

What does Bini’s blue painting symbolize?
What about his green painting?

AND, find out what black + red paint means, and if Bini was having a bad day or……Just be sure to watch until the end!

About: Bini the Bunny is a Guinness World Record Holding Rabbit, and is the only bunny in the world who can play basketball, paint, comb hair, play arcade games and more!

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