Our gorgeous newborn bunnies have arrived and they are just so cute!

Checkout our tiny 1 day old bunnies – Mama rabbit surprised us overnight, giving birth to 7 beautiful little baby bunnies.

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Day 1 – Our Mama Rabbit Ginger gave birth overnight. We were surprised to find 7 super cute newborn bunnies, snuggled up behind the cushion on our couch!

We weren’t expecting another litter just yet – we thought we had at least another week until Ginger would give birth. We’d not seen any of the normal behaviour we expected.

When we woke up this morning, she was digging at one of the couch cushions – we kept taking her away, but after a little while we pulled off all of the cushions and up the opposite end of the couch were these 7 gorgeous little newborn bunnies.

It is common for a couple of bunnies (kits) to die during birth. Ginger’s last litter was 6, but two died straight away. This time, we have 7 cute little kits and all are happy and healthy so far!

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