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Jealous Husky Refuses To Let Puppy Cuddle Her Owner! [WITH FUNNY ARGUMENT]

Soooo hello everyone! If you didn’t already know this is koba. He is a beautiful German Shepard puppy. He is my friends and he is coming around often to try and help him grow in confidence around other dogs. He is so small and cute and getting so much better he just used to cry but now he is edging and getting so much better! Millie loves him so much I have never seen her get this excited. Only around puppies and it makes me so happy. She is so excited but also so careful and knows not to over do it. I love how amazing she is around small animals! But she will not let anyone cuddle her dad hahah! It’s so funny to see how she still gets jealous if anybody is cuddling her dad! Does your pets do this!?? Hope this makes you smile! New video tommorow I took them to assault doggy course!! Hit like if you wanna see it! Love you all!