Here the 6 best Usborne Baby Cloth Books! I used them for my daughter and they helped stimulate her senses with the sounds and colors in the books! It’s also fantastic that they’re soft cloth books! So you don’t have to worry about your baby hurting themselves. If you have a baby they’ll love these books!

Cute Rabbit with Crinkly Ears and Squeaking Tail (The Distinct Sounds Stimulate Baby’s Hearing):

Cute Round Bunny Book With Crinkly Feet and Textured Ears:

Penguin Book With Rattle Handle That Has Colored Rings (Great for baby’s motor skills & colorful for eyes):

Cute Kitty Puppet With Puffy Plush Pages (Great for interacting with your baby):

Black & White Crinkle Soft Book Of Animals (Great for tummy time & color contrast)

Crinkly Colorful Soft Book Of Insects On Leaves:

I’m a licensed therapist with years of experience with behavior and development. I LOVE that Usborne Books focuses on LEARNING & ESSENTIAL GROWTH in all aspects of development.

USBORNE WARRANTY: Usborne has a lifetime half-price guarantee on all of their books as well! Once my little one bit into a book (4 months after I bought the book) and I reached out to Usborne for help. They sent me a brand new one for 50% off! Amazing customer service!

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