How to Bond Bunnies
Bunny Bonding {a mini series}
Episode 3

Can bunnies live alone?
Should I get a second rabbit?
Do rabbits need a friend?

Dipper is looking for love!
Come with us on our FINAL bunny date! Pick up some of the basics- quick and easy tips and tricks or things to avoid.
Dipper is hanging out with lots of fluffy girls.
Check out who he meets!
Post any questions you have in the comments.

Finding your bunny a buddy can be hard! Especially with a shy rabbit.
Watch how we are doing it with our bunny.

In this series, you will see…
– bunny dates at the rabbit rescue
– setting up a bunny pen
– bunny dates at home
– dating behaviors in bunnies
– what not to do
– stress-free bonding techniques
– true bunny love