Just a short video of Pjotter having a beautiful morning.
She was relaxing in the sun while her boyfriend Manuel was kissing her. Isn’t it cute?

I always love watching cute bunny feet, soft bunny tails and fluffy bunny bums, especially when they are very relaxed and are lying with their legs stretched out.

Sweet adopted bunny Pjotter and rescued albino rabbit Manuel are so in love! They do almost everything together. Things like sleeping, eating, washing, playing, sun bathing, washing, snacking, napping or just goofing around.
Manuel takes care of his girlfriend very well and is always looking out for her. It’s so adorable to watch this lovely couple.

On this beautiful sunny morning Pjotter was a bit lazy. She was yawning, stretching and relaxing a lot. Manuel kept her company and gave giving her kisses and cuddles. So sweet.. 😍

Thanks for watching!!

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