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Wild baby bunny drinking from bottle

Feeding a blind, wild, baby bunny.

For info on baby bunnies, please see

Update: Tiresias now lives at Moonridge Animal Park in Big Bear, California, a sanctuary for wild animals with special needs. She’s a girl, and she’s very popular with visitors to the park!

It’s almost always not a good idea to pick up a baby bunny you find in the wild. See the link above for info.

This little guy was found in Los Angeles next to the Ford Amphitheatre. He had been hopping next to the road for a couple of days, with no nest around. It was clear he couldn’t see.

I thought he was just too young to open his eyes, but my friend and professional bunny sitter, DJ (… she’s awesome) came over and determined that the bunny actually has no eyes. We’re not sure whether that’s a birth defect or the result of an attack. If it was a birth defect, the mother may have pushed it out of the nest.

I found it on a Friday night and couldn’t get a hold of wildlife rescue services (it’s usually best to let them handle wild bunny rescue). I have four bunnies of my own and have rescued & fostered quite a bit. With DJ’s help, I was able to get kitten formula, alfalfa and baby acidophilus for this little guy.

In the video, he’s drinking the mixture of kitten formula and a sprinkle of acidophiles. He then ate some alfalfa and is currently resting. I’m planning to get him into the hands of professionals as soon as possible.

I’ll provide updates.