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Parry Gripp "Baby Bunny" – Minecraft Fan Music Video by ReidTDR, RylanTDR, and DaddyDroyd

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This is a fan music video for “Baby Bunny” by Parry Gripp created in Minecraft by Reid TDR “The Diamond Robot” and Daddy Droyd. Rylan TDR helped too!

What is better than a “Space Unicorn”, “Nom nom nom” or “Its Raining Tacos”? A cute baby bunny! Especially a Minecraft bunny! Who loves cute bunny’s, especially a space bunny? We do! Thank you Parry Gripp for the fun and silly music you create!

This is a kid friendly Minecraft Animation music video with no bad words (and no swearing) for kids by kids — curated by dad. Father and sons used Minecraft to create this video. We hope you enjoy our fun Minecraft videos for children.

Special thanks to stampylonghead (stampy), iballisticsquid (squidy), sqaishey quack, EthanGamerTV, logdotzip, Bajan_Canadian, and Dan TDM // TheDiamondMinecart for the consistent inspiration.

Twitter: @DaddyDroyd

Some infrequent transitional sound effects from and