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Bunny Rabbit

Cute bunny by my grandma's house!

Yesterday, my grandma & I were driving home after having dinner at Burger King…& lo & behold, we saw a cute bunny rabbit hanging out in the yard of one of Gran’s neighbors! 😀 After we got into the driveway, I snuck over to the neighbor’s house as quietly as I could, & got this great video of the bunny (along with lots of nice still shots!). ^_^

Also, apologies for not uploading any new videos in a while. My computer crashed back in January, & I had to get all the data recovered off of it–& I’m still not quite finished getting all of my files & programs & whatnot back in shape… ^^;; I *am* ALMOST done, though, so fear not–I shall return with brand-new videos ‘ere too long! 🙂 Love you lots!