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Can I Leave My Rabbit Alone for Weekend? | Pet Rabbits

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So a lot of people call us and ask if they can just leave their rabbit at home over the weekend, they say ‘You know, I’m going on a weekend trip with my family. I put out a lot of food and a lot of water. Do you think the rabbit will be okay?’ and I practically beg them not to do that because one thing about rabbits is that you have a bout a 12 hour window before a rabbit gets really sick and if a rabbit for example stops eating when you go away on the morning and still isn’t eating by that evening, that rabbit should seek vet care or you should seek vet care for the rabbit sooner than later. You can’t wait a couple of days. It just doesn’t work.

Amy travels very frequently for work and has always gotten somebody to stay at her apartment and take care of her rat when she’s gone. Years ago, I worked for a magazine in New York City and I had a man come and stay at my apartment for every single time I was out of town. It worked out very well.

Vets will also board rabbits for you, sometimes other rabbit owners will board them for you. What you want to be careful about if you’re going to board a rabbit in a vet’s office, visit the place where they board the animals first. Make sure that there aren’t a lot of barking dogs around, that the cage is big enough and comfortable enough for your rabbit. You want your rabbit kept as comfortable as possible. It’s not home but it can be a home away from home if it’s the right place.

They also like to be around people. You don’t want to leave your bunny alone for the weekend. Social interaction counts for a lot. this is a very social species and the more social interaction the better.

So now, you can’t leave your bunny alone. Absolutely not.