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Hey sweeties, before you say anything… i know what you’re thinking, “am i watching the right channel?” LOL πŸ˜… yeah i know this is now my regular programming but i have been venturing into new things lately during the quarantine time and i figured its the best time to try something new, am i right?! 😜

Okay for those of you who doesn’t know what a cakesicle is, they are like a cake pop but made with a popsicle mold. I have been wanting to make try making cakesicles for a while but i wasn’t sure if i can do it because Im not used to working with chocolate. BUT i finally took the plunge and found the courage to try it!! and guess what….??!! I love them soo much that they have become my latest obsession! lol 😁😜

So i thought why not share it here, there might be some of you who has been wanting to learn how to make these too, so I’ve decided to make a tutorial on it for Easter. I hope you enjoy these and also hoping that this will encourage you to try something new….you never know if you will find your next passion until you try them right?!

Okay so the tutorial is pretty comprehensive as they show you how I made the cakesicles as well as how to decorate it. I really hope you love them as much as I do, however please bear in mind that I’m pretty new at this so I don’t know a lot yet…BUT i’m learning LOTS as I go πŸ˜‹ and if you have any feedback I would love to hear them, please leave them on the comment section. Tell me the good, the bad & the ugly….do you love them, or hate them? Should I just stick with cookies or do you wanna see more of these? I would like to hear ALL your honest feedback please πŸ™πŸ˜Š

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Here are some information on the tools that I used in this video:

Mini Cakesicle Mold (comes with 50 x popsicle sticks):

I used Nestle white chocolate melt as you can see in my video as they are easily accessible to me from my local supermarket, however you can also use white candy melts if you can find them easier in your local area. Also if you use white candy melt you can achieve a white colour without having to add any further white colouring like what I have to do with my white chocolate as they tend to have a yellow-ish tint.

So here are your options:
Wilton bright white candy melts:

Or you can also use Merckens melting chocolate (i was told they are delicious and much better tasting than candy melts):

Nerdy Glasses Template – available from my website:

White Fondant (you can colour them with gel colours to make other colours such as pink, yellow & blue):

Black fondant (for the eyes):

Fine tip brush (to paint eyelashes, i used the 10/0 brush size):

Wilton round piping tip #10

Tear drop cookie cutters (to make the ears – i used the 2nd & 3rd smallest size from the set):

Mini daisy flower plunger cutters (set):

Sweet Sticks Edible Art Paint – White (for the inner eyes):

Sweet Sticks Edible Art Paint – Black (for the eyelashes):

Foodoodler Fine-tip edible pens:

Decorating Tweezers:


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