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BABY BUNNIES 1 DAY OLD- Taking Them Home- Newborn Bunny Care

Hello! Welcome to Asha & Adam’s Animal World. This is the beginning of a 2 month adventure of fostering 1 mom rabbit and her 10 baby bunnies. There was a hoarder in Orange County, CA that was hoarding 161 rabbits in his RV. All the rabbits went to one shelter and many rabbits were pregnant. The shelter, WAGS – Westminster Adoption Group & Services, had 100 bunnies born in a week. We wanted to help out so picked up a rabbit and her 10 bunnies.
Welcome to our adventure! Many more videos to come as they grow.

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Thanks for watching!

-Asha & Adam’s Animal World

Our bunnies will be up for adoption soon. Here is the shelter’s FB page.