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Cute Sunny bunny cowboy playing before sleep – Our lovely baby rabbit

Our Sunny boy decided he wanted to be a cowboy today. Just before his sleeping time, he took the hat from our teddy lion and asked mommy to put it on. Some days he sleeps with his big family of 4 other siblings, bunny parents and his extended family. Today he selected to cuddle with mommy. He likes the sleep next to pet lion.

This young fellow is a very photogenic guy, he loves the camera and like to smell and lick it too. It’s one of the cutest things I have seen. Next time I will add an episode of him playing with our camera. He loves sniffing everything he see, and most of the time sunny don’t forget to taste everything with his sharp teeth. Does hurt a little, but our rabbit baby cant chew anything other than soft vegetables.
Seeing him play with the teddies is a cute thing. He likes to sleep next to his friends. Also he loves a good massage before his sleep. almost every time he sleeps after two or three minutes of massage. Its a great feeling to have this cute baby fur ball on your hand and fingers and to feel his lovely warmth.
Next episode of our cowboy will be how he is sleeping after a nice massage.

Thanks for checking out our cowboy and our rabbit channel. We hope you may have found this is the cutest rabbit video ever, because he really enjoyed and loved making this video!
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Love you all.

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Bunny boy. This is our superstar Sunny , the BUNNY COW BOY!!!

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