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Bunny Rabbit

Cute rabbit eating blueberries

My cute rabbit Bunbun getting some blueberries as treats, wich is her favourite snacks. Kind of also the only way to get her to sit still for some minutes. Blueberries is a safe treat for rabbits to eat, including the rest of the blueberry plant, wich is actually better for the rabbit than the actual blueberries. So if you have a pet rabbit, you can pick some blueberries and plants the next time you are in the woods. Treats is also a great way to bond with your new rabbit, or use it as a reward for good behaviour. While bonding with your new rabbit, you should lay down or sit so you don’t look so big in the rabbits eyes, let it come over to you and check you out while you give it some treats. Check out the rest of my channel for more rabbit videos

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