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Baby Vuvu – Songs for Babies / Everbody Dance Now (Official Music Video) Preview Version

Official Baby Vuvu music video for “Songs for Babies/ Everybody Dance Now” preview
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Baby Vuvu is back!!!
Baby Vuvu – The cutest animated cartoon baby online !!!

Baby Vuvu is the name of a bubblegum dance project, headlined by an animated cartoon baby character. Baby Vuvu can be compared to such artists as Schnuffel Bunny and Tiger Boo.

In 2011, Baby Vuvu released the debut single “Everybody Dance Now” which also included a German version of the track. An accompanying music video was created for the song, which features Baby Vuvu dancing and performing on a stage in a night club. The video has been watched over xx times.
In 2016, Baby Vuvu released the second single “All Night Long”.

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About Baby Vuvu:


DubDi DubDi DubDub
DubDi DubDi DubDub
DubDi DubDi DubDub Oh woo oh,
Everybody dance now, c’mon clap your hands now,
let us sing along like oh oooh,
everybody jump now, DJ funk it up now,
all my people shout like Oh woo oh,
DubDi DubDi DubDub
DubDi DubDi DubDub Oh woo oh,
DubDi DubDi DubDub,
DubDi DubDi DubDub, hahahaha