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11 INSANELY CUTE BUNNIES : Bunny Video Compilation | The Dodo Best Of

This Bunny Video Compilation highlights 11 super cute bunnies that will get you bouncing for Easter!

Little Rabbit Has A HUGE Personality
Keep up with this adorable bunny Dougal on Instagram:

World’s Most Photogenic Bunny Is Even Better On Video
Follow Wally on Instagram at:

Rescued Angora Rabbit Has The Best Life now
Keep up with this handsome little bunny, Barnaby on Instagram:

Big-Eared Bunny Flips Out
Keep up with this very handsome bunny Lucas the Lop on Instagram:

Cutest Rabbit In The World Gets Even Cuter Girlfriend
Keep up with this ridiculously adorable couple on Instagram:

Wheelchair Bunny Loves His New Home
Footage provided by Caters TV:

Wild Rabbit Falls Madly In Love With A Pet Bunny

Little Rabbit Is Perfect โ€” And She Knows It
Follow this irresistibly cute little bunny on Instagram:

Lucky Bunnies Get The Run Of Their Whole House
Keep up with Melvin and Bianca the bunnies on Instagram: If youโ€™re ready to take care of a bunny, their family recommends as a great resource:

Goobie The Adopted Bunny Is Finally Living The Good Life
Follow this very special bunny on Instagram at

Rescue Bunnies Snuggle Together All Day
Keep up with these adorable rescued bunnies on their Instagram: Big thanks to Special Bunny Rescue for giving rabbits like these two a second chance:

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