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Look at this BUNNY BUTT CAKE – it is sooo cute!!


Easter 2020 is coming soon, and this is such an easy Easter dessert or even an Easter birthday cake! I love the cute look of the “bunny butt” with a little pompom or ball, and fondant certainly does the trick for a cute edible bunny!

I started out by adding a little “sweetwater” to my cake to make it nice and moist. Then I added chocolate frosting a coconut for a delicious filling. A quick crumb coat and then I made the cake look like a tree trunk with bark sides and a swirly top. I cut out a little opening for the bunny to hide in. I used the tip 133 to add grass to my cake and followed that with tip 1M for pink flowers. To make these flowers, simply squeeze and turn your wrist. It takes a little practice, but once you get it, you can mass produce these cute and easy flowers. Finally, I added a little fondant bunny butt to the little cutout in my cake.

This bunny cake is a fun and easy Easter dessert. Enjoy!

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