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Bunny Rabbit

Drawing for Kids-How to Draw the Easter Bunny- Covid-19 Shut In Video – art for kids

Drawing for kids! Learn how to Draw the Easter Bunny in a Basket. Paint It Kids makes art for kids! #drawingforkids #artforkids #paintitkids #covid19 #KidsHome #desperateparent #starrynight

In this beginner kids art tutorial we will be showing you a cute and simple way to draw the Easter Bunny. We’ll walk you through this step by step tutorial video and show you how to draw the adorable bunny and some eggs and you can go at your own pace, no need to rush! This video is as simple and easy way to do a fun art project for the kids. So come and draw along with us. If you have any questions just leave them in the comments below. Or if you have any ideas of what you want us to do next.

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