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I found an ABANDONED BABY BUNNY!! (baby bunny rescue)

In this vlog, I found an ABANDONED BABY BUNNY in my yard!

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Finding a baby bunny is the last thing I expected to happen while recording this vlog. At first sight, I believed it to be an abandoned baby bunny, sick, or even hurt. I wanted to try to find its nest and take care of it the best way that I could. I did what I had to do and I hope I made the right choice for the bunny’s sake.

I wanted to rescue the baby rabbit, but I decided it would be best to let it free where I found it and hope that it will be okay. I did this because it is very difficult to take care of wild rabbits and I did not want to do anything worse to it.

With all of that being said a lot of other stuff happens in this vlog other than a baby bunny rescue so I hope you guys enjoy and thank you so much for watching!!!

My Camera Gear:

– Canon EOS Rebel SL2

– 10mm – 18mm lense

– Rode VideoMic GO

– Canon G7X Mark III

– Rode VideoMicro