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Baby Bunny Baby Rabbit

Wild Baby Rabbit Catch And Release

My brother caught a wild baby rabbit. This is a video of him letting the rabbit free in a safer location.

#fatlibertariandude #WildLife #Baby #Rabbit #BabyRabbit
Video/Audio Equipment:
Nikon D3200 DSLR for any chromakey work
Canon HF R500 Camcorder

Video Editors:
PowerDirector 14

Audio editor:

#FatLibertarianDude #ChrisNewman #Politics #Libertarian #LibertarianParty #Nikon #NikonD3200 #DSLR #Canon CanonHFR500 #CanonCamcorder #PowerDirector14 #PowerDirectorScreenRecorder #Adacity #Blender #Blender3D

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