I found three of these adorable little cotton tail rabbits, their nest had been destroyed so I gathered them up until I could try to get in touch with a rescue. I was really surprised at how cuddly and cute they were. Soooo cute! I kept them for awhile and hand fed and eventually returned them to the wild. For anyone who may find a wild cotton tail rabbit please take note that they are VERY difficult to keep alive, something like 98 % of them die in the care of humans. These little fellas got very lucky. If you find a nest leave it alone, if it is slightly disturbed try to put it back as it was. The mother comes once in the middle of the night to feed so not to attract predators. Even if your scent is on the babies her mothering instincts are strong enough where she will not abandon her young! Remember to respect nature. 🙂 Subscribe for more!