It’s a blessing to be a part of this moment with Mama Buns. In parts 1 and 2, Mama Buns and I will share with you a joyful moment of life and talk about how we need moments like this – bonding, loving, and understanding with nature – in order to bond with, love, and understand ourselves and the creator.

Mama Buns will share with you how she prepares for birth. You will get to meet 6 adorable baby bunnies and see their amazing nest that Mama Buns worked so hard to build. I will also teach you the best way to feed baby bunnies additional milk when needed. Most people use replacer milk, which is not natural. My method gives the bunnies milk from the mother while nurturing the mother and spoiling her with treats 🙂

Baby Bunny Caring Tips: Always remember that “mother knows best.” Mother rabbits love their baby bunny kits and do everything they can to nurture and protect them. Mother rabbits pull out their own hair to make a soft and warm nest for their baby bunnies. When they deliver the new born kits, they eat the after birth and lick the blood off their children to keep them clean. Ask yourself, would you do this for the baby bunnies?? No. We can never put ourselves higher than a mama rabbit. We must respect and trust her. We should never intervene unless we see a weak or sickly baby bunny. If we chose to help breastfeed, we must do so in a loving and respectful way that does not force the mama rabbit or harm the kits.