Buddy Mercury and Baby really rock out for National Kids and Pets Day!!! #buddymercury If you LOVED this vid, you will LOVE this next video that explains what I’m about —-

~~~ BUDDY MERCURY 2020 CALENDAR ~~~ A pawcentage of every purchase is donated to help animals in need! AROO!
Q. How do I purchase the Buddy Mercury 2020 calendar?
A. Visit and add a calendar to your shopping cart. Choose either US or International if you live outside the US-a-roooo!!!

Buddy’s tip cup!

Buddy’s ringtone! Yes, it’s of me singing and playing, you will smile every time your phone rings! Arooooo!!
For Android:

For Apple: Search “Buddy Mercury” in the Itunes Store

To help more dogs like Buddy be rescued, check out Buddy Mercury’s iTunes album! The album is by Buddy, our rescue dog. Buddy plays piano on the album and sings (howls). He may just be the very first dog artist on iTunes! Help us make history! Buy a song, or the whole album today! Proceeds to benefit animal rescues!

Buddy Mercury Sings the Blues – An Album By Buddy Mercury
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