Hey, guys!
I was going to upload this about 2 months ago,
but I guess I forgot…
These are my baby bunnies! I think I recorded all of this when they were about 2-3 weeks old?
I can’t remember.

Kitten is the mother, and Taco is the father, they had 5 beautiful tiny babies: Rolo, Peanut, Pancake, Muffin and Oreo!

Kitten was later re-homed, and Pancake, Muffin and Oreo were all sold, all going to nice new loving homes.
We still have Rolo, Taco and Peanut.
Peanut sadly has legs that go outwards now, they’re no longer straight, which makes it hard for him to do things, he was the runt of the litter, but has grown well since which is great!

Pancake – Boy
Muffin – Girl
Oreo – Girl
Rolo – Girl
Peanut – Boy

They were all born on September 1st 2015
All babies are nearly 3 months old!
I hope you enjoyed guys!

You can see Taco, the father in this video: