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Kangaroo joey plays with stuffed bunny: this is Hoppy

This can be your feel good video for the day.
Western Red Kangaroo joey, Hoppy, is kicking the stuffing out of the stuffed bunny. The bunny, on a bungee cord, provides the joeys with something to play with and hone their kicking skills and wrangling skills.
Hoppy is a Western Red Kangaroo joey whose mum was hit by a car and died, and who was picked up by a passing motorist and brought to the coast. She was handed into a zoo and then went to a carer. She will be returned to her local area (which is about 14 hours drive west) when transport can be arranged.
She will be in care with a wildlife carer till she’s ready for release in about another 15 months.

Happy travels little one. Go back to your mob and enjoy your life. Stay away from roads. Have lots of babies.

PS: no bunnies were hurt during this video.