I don’t even wanna get started on how long this took me, but I’m sorry if I have not uploaded a mini movie for 2 months. I was being lazy and wasn’t focusing on making the mini movie well. And I’m sorry if a few backgrounds look weird, because I drew them in IbisPaint..
I know I am not as good as the king MidoriStories but I tried qwq..

And yes, this story might disappoint you guys because I am a boring person and make boring stories. Not to mention that the ending was——unacceptable. And the title was uncreative. But I hope that I will make a better story next time! I might be making I can turn into anyone part 2, and also a horror movie before Christmas. About next year, I would really want to keep making mini movies and videos, but all we can do is to sign the petition and hope that Gacha is not going to be affected by the Coppa Law. If it doesn’t get affected, I will be making tons of movies, and I will be making a new mini movie about The Wrinkle Boy And Liar Girl, it’s going to be sad but yeah, I’ve thought about what the plot is going to be about. Plus I have 50+ mini movie ideas/titles that I really wanna make..🥺😭. Also, don’t worry, again, if coppa does not affect or if it’s cancelled, I will make more of the grey class. The grey class series was fun to make but it was hard at the same time to come up with ideas for the scenes, so I hope you can understand

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Is this video for kids? No it is not directed for kids. Why? It contains teenage relationships, teenage interactivity and suicide attempts. The language used can be understood by more mature audiences.

A lot of people of YouTube creators who have heard about this new law had been loosing their motivation to do more videos. Of course, many of them didn’t want to give up creating, it had always been their dream to make content for people to enjoy, and now that they finally did it, taking their chance to succeed in what they love, isn’t it a little to harsh? Youtube is considered as one of the best platforms, no the best platform for people to create and share, and of course, the best place to relax and watch videos or listen to music! It has been a happy place for social media users, at least it still is for now. People create different videos based on what they like and what they think what other people might like. A lot of video creators don’t have a proper job, instead, they work full time on youtube. According to the FTC official government handbook, so many of our favorite Video categories are considered as content that are made for kids. But, from what I see, more than half of the YouTube creators apparently make content that includes at least one of the subjects mentioned as a “Made For Kids” subject. We don’t know if Gacha life falls under the “Animation” category, but we do know that a lot of the videos in the Gacha community are not directed to kids. We need to speak up. I’m pretty sure A LOT of you have signed this petition already, but for some of you that have not signed this, please consider signing it anytime before next year, the sooner the better.


Welp, that’s it for now, see ya soon!