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Cute & Tiny Professions game helps toddlers and little kids become a chef, a tailor or a craftsman for a day! Have fun with cute and tiny kitty Sue, puppy Bu and bunny Blu! Learn about cool crafty professions for girls and boys and maybe even find your dream job!

Help bunny Blu make pizza! Mix the ingredients and make some dough! Chop fresh veggies and grate some cheese! Arrange everything and bake it in the oven! Mmm, what a yummy homemade pizza! Bunny Blu will love it!

Kitten Sue wants to make her new outfit by herself! Cut and sew colorful fabric with a sewing machine for kids! Iron out all the wrinkles! Now add some accessories and finishing details! Wow, what a cute girly overall you created! Time to try it on, baby Sue!

Get crafty with puppy Bu and become the coolest toy maker! What about creating a rocking horse for kids? Sand and cut the wood pieces! Cut out needed shapes and attach them using simple power tools! Paint the toy in fun colors! Hooray, now puppy Bu can play with his new rocking horse!

Cute and simple graphics. Kid-friendly interface. Safe environment for playing and learning. Suitable for toddlers and younger kids.

About Cute & Tiny Games
Cute & Tiny games are carefully crafted specifically for the youngest kids (ages 1 to 3). While covering various topics, from pet care to car service, all Cute & Tiny games teach toddlers kindness, help them develop fine motor and basic social skills and, of course, bring smiles to their faces!