Adorable lagomorph! Cooper, the lop-eared rabbit, is a rescue bunny that had been dumped by some heartless owners. Please vote “like” for Cooper. We brought Cooper home to be with our family & treated him for his illness. In this video Cooper, now healthy, cleans himself and then drops onto his side and into a nap! The cutest thing you’ll ever see! You know your bunny is at ease when he flops on his side like this to relax, or if he lays on his belly with his back legs stretched out.

Cooper’s Story: Cooper is a rescue bunny and now a very happy member of our family. 🙂 Cooper and a couple of his siblings had been dumped in the wetlands in Orange County, CA. On 9/8/12 when we found Cooper, one of his siblings was already dead. Another family found the third bunny after we left for home with Cooper.

Cooper was ill and we took him to a rabbit savvy vet for treatment. I didn’t plan on having a rabbit as a pet, so I was planning on giving him over to a rescue after he was healthy again. But after just a few hours, Cooper started to grow on me. He’s now part of our family and has run of the house most of the time when we are home.

We LOVE Cooper so much, and we are learning so much about rabbits and what makes them happy and healthy. They’re amazing little creatures that are loving, so adventurous and tenacious.

I’ll be making and posting more videos of Cooper and my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Dallas soon. They get a long beautifully because Dallas doesn’t know how to play with dogs, or anything for that matter, haha. Once we got Cooper, we realized they are a perfect pair! Dallas acts more like a rabbit than a dog! Cooper has already claimed Dallas as his own. He rubbed his chin on her ear. Talk about the odd couple!