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Exclusive Tour of Rabbit Island Japan by a Bunny Expert

Shai took a trip to Ōkunoshima, Japan, otherwise known as The Rabbit Island. You won’t believe how many rabbits he met there. The island is a former military chemical weapons production facility from World War II and is now a national park home to thousands of rabbits. The rabbits live in ‘family’ areas, and Shai will introduce you to some of them including the pink family, tennis family, and grass family. Rabbit Island sees visitors from all over the world, and you’ll get an exclusive tour of what it’s really like to explore the island. Shai loves the island so much that he calls the hotel to extend his stay for another 5 days!

At the end, you’ll see Bini the Bunny’s priceless reaction to Shai’s visit to the island, so stay and watch this one until the very end.

Also, look out for the next video where Shai introduces the local rabbits to Bini the Bunny.

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About: Bini the Bunny is a Guinness World Record Holding Rabbit, and is the only bunny in the world who can play basketball, paint, comb hair, play arcade games and more!

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