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Bunny Rabbit

White and black little cute bunny rabbits eating carrots and grass

My cute little white and black bunny rabbits play and eats green grass and a carrot in my bed. Today I took it out from their cage and let it explore the world surrounding. The little white and black bunny rabbits show curiosity and smell, taste and explore my whole bed. When I bring them food the two cute bunny rabbits start to eat it with joy. The black little rabbit seems to be more curious than the white little rabbit and while the white bunny eat more the black bunny explore my entire bed.
I got the rabbits last week. While I was at the local animal market I saw someone selling cute little white bunny rabbits. I could not resist the temptation and I bought one small white rabbit and bring it home. When my mother saw it she instantly love it.
Latter that day I went to a party and while I told my friends that I bought a lovely baby rabbit one of my friends offered me another black baby rabbit.
I had then to went to a friend to make a small cage for my new acquired pets.
When the “news” spread to my neighbors little kids start to pay me visits to see the cute little pets .
The white and black baby rabbits become fast the greatest attraction for my neighbors kids to play with.
My neighbors kids enjoyed so much to play with cute baby rabbits that it made me thought that other kids from around the world may enjoy as well watching it so I decided to make a series pf youtube movies with the playful cute little bunny.
It is especially relaxing to watch them eating with their small cute mouth green grass and carrots.
When playing with rabbits kids also become more relaxed and start to discover and like nature.
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