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Rabbit is a very harmless creature. More productive and fast growing rabbits with two to three kg weightages are very profitable. Rabbits can be done in a small amount of money and hard work. Rabbit meat is used to produce more nutritious and skin-valued clothing. Rabbit is a very favorite pet for children. Unemployed young people can earn good money from this sector in small places and capital.

Rabbits are very silly and quiet animals. Keeping it simple and profitable is very easy and profitable. It could be a profitable business for less space and less capital. At the age of six months, the rabbit will start giving the baby. Each time they give 2 to 8 children and give them 4 to 6 times a year. At the age of three months, the weight of a rabbit is 2 to 2.5 kg. It’s a productive and fast growing animal. Rabbit Wildlife Their food is readily available. A small amount of food meets their needs. Rabbit meat is very tasty and nutritious. The amount of fat and cholesterol in their Gosh is relatively small. Rabbit meat has a lot more food than other meat.

It is necessary to know first about the role of observance of the rabbit. It is better to continue to follow the rabbit with the idea of ​​safe lodging, food, reproduction, and disease. The rabbit has become very popular. Besides, a number of books have been published about rabbit keeping. If necessary, you can find detailed information on collecting books.

A pair of adult rabbits can be purchased at 400-1000 taka. They can give children every month. But you should not take more than 8 times a year. Each time they give 2 to 8 children. As a result, a pair of rabbits can have an average of 32 to 40 rabbits per year. At the same time, they have grown up again after 3 months of age, and they have to take care of the child so that adequate space should be provided. As an average, it is possible to earn 15 to 25 thousand rupees a year for a pair of one thousand rupees a six-month-old child. As a meat it is quite demanding. Its meat and leather exports abroad.

The things that need to be remembered in the management of the rabbit feeding
Rabbit teeth constantly grow. So it is impossible to keep the rabbits with concentrated foods only.
Feed should be very conscious while feeding, because when they are late, they become agitated and they lose their body weight.
Due to the warmth, rabbits do not take food during the day. But they are active at night. So the green food they eat at night without spoiling. For this, the concentrated food should be given in the morning.
Concentrated food is given in the form of a pellet. If the pellet food is not available, then the concentrated food can be made into smaller small balls, compared to the water.
A rabbit weighing one kilogram should be given 40 grams of concentrated food and 40 grams of green food per day.
Rabbits always eat fresh green food. Never put green food on the floor of the cage and put it on the side.
Every day the rabbit should be given fresh and clean water.