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HALO MINI is an ULTRA HIGH QUALITY illuminated pet collar. LED pet collars have been on the market for years, however, most of them are made using cheap nylon materials with LEDs that are just as bad. We have re-designed and created an ultra high quality illuminating collar using our custom patented illumination system. Just like our HALO BELT, each HALO MINI is designed to illuminate in bright neon colors. The purpose of the HALO MINI is to keep our loved ones safe when outside at night… looking awesome is a bonus!

HALO Belt Company is a San Francisco based start-up funded by Kickstarter in August of 2012. With a goal of merging safety, fashion, and culture into an essential everyday product, the HALO Belt was funded by over a 1000% of our initial goal. HALO Belts are now available in retailers all over the world. We strive to make innovative products to help make night activities safer for everyone.