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Big Flemish Giant Bunny Rabbit with babies are eating strawberry

Big Flemish Giant Bunny Rabbit with babies are eating strawberry!
These animals are so cute.
The Flemish Giant is a breed of domestic rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) known for its large size.
The Flemish Giant Bunny Rabbits originated in Flanders. It was bred as early as the 16th century near the city of Ghent, Belgium. It is believed to have descended from a number of meat and fur breeds, possibly including the Steenkonijn (Stone Rabbit — referring to the old Belgian weight size of one stone or about 3.76 kg (8 lb 5 oz)) and the European “Patagonian” breed (now extinct).This “Patagonian” rabbit, a large breed that was once bred in Belgium and France, was not related to the Patagonian rabbit of Argentina (Sylvilagus brasiliensis), a separate wild species weighing less than two pounds (about 1 kg), nor the Patagonian hare (Dolichotis patagonum), a species in the cavy family of rodents that cannot interbreed with rabbits. Thomas Coatoam, in his Origins of the Flemish Giants, tells us, “The earliest authentic record of the Flemish Giant Rabbit occurred about the year 1860.

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