I had the idea for this MEP in my fucking dream. Idk if I was even slightly lucid because I had the idea to host a MEP with this song since so many people commented on my collection with love for it, but since I actually have a project file for a half-selected AMV with it, I wasn’t gonna.
HOWEVER – I just woke up [as I’m typing this] and started remembering my dream and, in my dream, there was like a zoo/farm-type place where I was walking with my brothers and we were gonna go judge a competition where people had to guess which side of a baby rabbit the pattern was supposed to be on. And while we were walking to the place where this would take place, I was listening to this song and was like “holy crap, this could work as a MEP…”. The baby rabbits were REALLY cute, but for some reason, the last few were all books that had been shrunk… They were still cute, but obviously not as cute as a rabbit.

JFC okay anyway – if people would wanna join this, I think it would be really cool!!!!

MY IDEA FOR THIS MEP WAS: it is entirely set in the main character’s bedroom. Actually, the idea was that they’d be in bed, but I think bedroom is better because then your character could actually be writing sad songs if you wanted. You show them yearning for whoever it is that’s broken their heart [under any circumstances] and memories of them together/thinking of them with other people/etc. If you want inspo for a story or anything, check out the actual story of this song:

RAW ANIME + Nighttime bedroom should be coloured slightly blue-ish hues I guess. I’m actually not massively fussed about how you style the memories, but please be fussed about it yourself! Please try and make it distinct, stylish and aesthetic.

If you have any questions AT ALL about the theme or style, LET ME KNOW PLEASEEE ♥

♦ BETA DEADLINE RULE [anyone who knows me can skip this section]:
My MEPs run on a beta deadline system and I never explain it properly, so people who haven’t edited with me before get really confused. I will set a beta deadline approximately a week before the actual deadline. This means that, by this date, I want to see a beta of your part. This is mostly to show me that you have started your part, but also to show that you have grasped the theme/style. As a result, I actually don’t want to see a finished part – I want you to say “here is what I’ve done so far, what d’you reckon?”. If you give me a part and say “I’m done”, it’s not a beta – you make it very difficult for me to say “actually, you haven’t really met the theme…”. If you are going to be finished by the beta deadline, that’s amazing; but send me a beta after, for example, you’ve finished your scene selection. In fact, even if you have no idea when you’re gonna finish your part, I’ll be so happy to see anything you have to show at any point. I like people who engage and want to do their best, so talking about your part and showing betas is a really easy way of doing that.

It’s raw, so 23.976fps or don’t bitch about your part lagging.
1080p/720p are both fine.
No watermarks and keep it good quality.
Stay very away from overused scenes – scenes of people depressed in their bedrooms shouldn’t too be hard to come by B)

Uff this is really awkward because I don’t wanna assume that anyone’s gonna sign up xD I’m gonna prioritise people I trust implicitly – yes; that means I’m gonna MOSTLY be picking people with whom I’ve edited a lot before. That said, I always want to get to know new editors, so don’t hestitate to sign up please ^^; If I don’t know you and you think this is the reason I haven’t picked you; you’re probably right – come get to know me! I’m currently abroad, so my replies are gonna be slow, but come chat on discord at Em#5747 😀

Top 2 parts –
Anime –
Sum up the theme in 10 words or less [so that I know you’ve read the description] –

BETA DL: Saturday October 5th
DL: Saturday October 12th

4- TAKEN: Crossover
5- TAKEN: Sakamichi No Apollon