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Bunny Update – Cora's HUGE Litter of Baby Bunnies!

Largest litter of baby bunnies that I’ve ever had! Cora is a Holland lop, and although she is a false dwarf Holland and big girl, she gave birth to 7 babies AND has nursed them all on her own. A typical Holland lop litter is about 2-3 babies, with first litters often being stillborn or small, but Cora is a rockstar mama!
What color is my rabbit? Bunny color genetics is also discussed, including the genotypes of opal, cream, blue tort, and blue rabbits and tips on how to identify these rabbit colors.
Watch the babies grow from a few days old to almost 3 weeks old and sitting in a cute Radio Flyer wagon.

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Artist – Nicolai Heidlas
Titles – Loving Light, Waiting for Tomorrow